About Veronica

Hello, I’m Veronica Atlantifique. This is where I blog about art and the world we live in.

I presently live in Arizona. Art is my passion. I do art for fun, and these are my thoughts, and my thoughts alone. I plan to talk about things that interest me, either the technicality of a given project, how it interfaces with life, or how it affects/effects me, others, or the world. I will also talk about life, and how we make it art, or not.

So, who is Veronica? I am an older trans feminine person. I am on HRT, after living 58 years knowing something about what society told me about who I was, was wrong. I’m good with the word “transgender”. I’m also good with “woman”. At my age, I don’t see a complete physical transition as a possibility, as much as I would prefer it. If I win the lottery, sure thing. My best case scenerio is to be visibly transgender. This is who I am.

I am a married, empty nester, and I have a cat. I am a secular Buddhist. I can’t do Christianity, because I’m agnostic, but not in the way of, “gee I don’t really know” but in the way of “y’all are out of your minds, I can’t go there”. Buddha is a great place to start for a way to live.

My art involves drawing mostly, but I like to try things, so what I do will vary. I’m very fond of pencil, and working toward pen/ink/brush, and I have an older Wacom tablet available, but frankly, I don’t love it, at least, “yet”. I have been considering a podcast, but I have crippling voice dyshporia, so I have been starting a learning curve to do video, perhaps with music and text, but for the work it takes, maybe photographs are good enough? Time will tell.

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